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FAQ Staging

1. How do I order RapidBac™Vet?

You can order online at 

2. What is the shelf life of RapidBac™Vet?

18 months.

3. Does RapidBac™Vet need to be refrigerated?

No. The tests can be stored at room temperature.

4. Interpreting Results for RapidBac™Vet 

If the control line was bright, but the test line(s) were faint - this is a valid test showing a POSITIVE result. A faint line in a positive results may be caused by a low concentration of bacteria (10E3 - 10E4 CFU/ml) or a species of bacteria that expresses low levels of the targeted antigen on its surface. In these cases, bacteriuria is definitely present even though the line is faint.

If both the control line and the test line(s) were very faint, then the test was not valid.

5. What is the science behind RapidBac™Vet?

RapidBac™ Vet is a lateral immunoassay that uses monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to a bacterial cell surface antigen.

6. Does RapidBac™Vet sell through VCA ANTECH?

Yes. RapidBac™Vet's VCA vendor number is 86968

7. Does RapidBac™Vet have a subscription service?

We sure do! If you frequently reorder with us we have a subscription service we can custom tailor to your schedule.

8. When should I use RapidBac™Vet?

- Whenever there is the suspicion of an infection. RapidBac™Vet costs $15.00 per test and results correlate with urine culture.

- Diabetic pets are expensive and a big commitment – Best practice is they need twice yearly bacteria tests.

- Older Dogs and Cats – Best practice is twice yearly bacteria test once they reach 7 years or older – offer this to your clients.

- Cushings Disease - Because having Cushings disease is just like being on steroids - and any pet on steroids should to get bi-annual urine cultures since they are predisposed to urinary infection.

- Cats with chronic Renal Disease - RapidBac™Vet should be a routine part of the initial workup and staging for cats diagnosed with chronic renal disease (CRD). Make this a compliment to the International Renal Interest Society's (IRIS) staging, in order to facilitate appropriate treatment and monitoring of the patient.

- Dogs with bladder stones or bladder tumors - because bladder stones/tumors predispose them to UTI's. 

- Cats with idiopathic lower urinary lower urinary tract disorders. RapidBac™Vet should be incorporated in the diagnostic workup of ALL cats presenting with lower urinary tract signs.

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