Are You Concerned About Over-Using Antibiotics?

Posted by James Root on

Bacterial infections occur in 10%-15% dogs over a lifetime. They account for significant use (and potential misuse) of antibiotics. Starting antibiotics without prior culture can lead to a variety of problems, including inappropriate use of drugs, delay of diagnosis, and wasted resources on cost of inappropriate treatment, while contributing to antibiotic resistance. More than half of all urine samples cultured from animals suspected of bacterial infections come back negative , meaning that antibiotics would have been started in error, delaying the further work-up required to diagnose correctly.

Veterinarians often face clients reluctant to support the cost of urine cultures, while also not wanting to delay treatment decisions. The RapidBac™Vet immunoassay urine test provides you with the most accurate, affordable, validated in-house screening tool for bacteriuria, to immediately determine the need for antibiotics.

Use RapidBac™Vet to be the vet with the answers:

  • Test strip indicators help you choose the appropriate first-line antibiotic by indicating whether the infection is gram positive or negative .
  • Testing after antibiotic treatment provides assurance that the treatment has resolved the infection.
  • Submitting only test-positive urine samples for costly culture and sensitivity in cases of recurrent or complicated bacterial infections reduces unnecessary costs.
  • Screening for patients with co-morbidities, such as diabetes and Cushing’s disease, helps identify the reason for inappropriate urination in complex cases.